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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

By downloading or using our app mutwaffer.com or avail any services from our app you must acknowledge that you have read and accept our privacy policy.
Mutwaffer.com is always very serious and committed to protecting online privacy policy. The information we contain in our privacy that you provide to us regarded of using the app or the services. You must read the policy to be aware that what information we receive and how we use that information.
In case of any criminal activity mutwaffer.com is not responsible.

  1. Background location permission necessary
    This application will collects location data to track your location even when the app is closed or not in use. Mutwaffer track your location to assign a task which is near to you and for help you in case of any emergency if you agree press OK otherwise press Cancel to Close App.
  2. Protecting Your Privacy
    Mutwaffer.com is committed to protecting your privacy in every condition, your privacy should be secured and safe in our record, your contact and personal information will not be shared with any third party, and also, they are not able to use that information for any marketing or business activity without your permission. Your information will only be shared with our company employees and mechanics in order to fulfill your work that you request us through our app.
    It might be possible that we send you email regarded information that we think will be beneficial for you, such as after get services from mutwaffer.com we send you a reminder regarded when your vehicle need services, if you do not want such type of informative mails from mutwaffer.com then you have an option to unsubscribe from our reminder system.
    Your account information will be secured with a password, you are responsible regarded your password security and safety. If any unlikely event occur that is not secure mutwaffer.com will always notify you immediately to take action to change your account information and password on our website.
  3. What Information We Collect and Store and Why
    The data we collect from you such as email, contact information and location etc, for the purpose of your booking because when you booked an order in our app this information is compulsory to send mechanic at your place as soon as possible, and also we will use your information to notify you periodically regarded your car maintenance. On the basis of your car’s current condition. We do not use your contact information for any other purpose. We also collect detailed information about your car that we shared to our mechanic who will be able to reach at your place as soon as possible to make your all hurdles easy in a very short time, it is our responsibility that mechanic will not share any kind of information that you shared to us to any other third party.
    The payment system of mutwaffer.com is very simple and easy that you have to pay when your work get done, after when mechanic complete your all work of your car, bike and generator etc then you have to pay a specific amount depends upon the work that how much services you avail from mutwaffer.com.
  4. Security of Information
    Mutwaffer.com takes very serious action and use different methods regarded to protect your contact information. You can use or access our application through your username and password that only you know, it depends upon you either you shared this information with anyone or not. Mutwaffer.com recommends and guides you that you will not share this information to any other person for the safety of your account.
    Unfortunately, over the entire internet system or wireless network system, no one can give you guaranteed that your information should be 100% secure. While at the same time our employees always try to secure and protect your data. Mutwaffer.com also cannot give guarantee the security to the information that is transmitted or transferred from your mobile through app because, it might be possible that this information may third person improperly receive.
  5. Third Party Sites
    This Preservation proceeds toward just to the utilization of data Mutwaffer.com gathers from you. Non identical place and area might be attached or connected using the Application have their very own protection procedure and information gathering, use and exposure practices. We are not in charge of the strategies or practices of outsiders.
  6. Release of Information
    Mutwaffer.com may release or eject any client data as legally compulsory or in the great confidence that disclosure of such data is officially important to accommodate to a revelation demand, court request or other certain procedure issued by a court of capable attention.