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Background location permission necessary
This application will collects location data to track your location even when the app is closed or not in use. Mutwaffer track your location to assign a task which is near to you and for help you in case of any emergency if you agree press OK otherwise press Cancel to Close App.

Mutwaffer.com will not be responsible for any type of personal deals between customers and Services Provider.

There are no warranties, expressed or implied, for existing equipment, or other materials not installed by Mutwaffer.com.

Mutwaffer.com clearly notifies the Services charges for any additional work or any other equipment.

Customers are requested to call our support department immediately in case of a ‘doubt’ on any extra charges charged by the mechanic.

Customers are allowed to Reschedule/ Cancel the order within 5 minutes

After confirmation, mechanic contact the customers and try to reach a given location, customers are requested to try to contact with the Services Provider.

Our Services Provider come with proper uniforms and tools so that they can easily give you the services at your desired location.

After 24 hours Services Provider will not be responsible to entertain any complaints

Mutwaffer.com reserves the right to do essential amendments in packages without any prior notice.

Mutwaffer.com provides services all over the Oman.

Mutwaffer.com has the right to reschedule the bookings in case of unforeseen events.

In case of any kind of misbehavior from customer Mutwaffer.com has complete authority to take serious actions against the customer.

Mutwaffer.com does not entertain the survey reports generated by other Services Provider or companies.